Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gold and Silver Coins 53 BC in the Netherlands

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On November 13, 2008 an important discovery of the 109 tribes Euburones coins found in the Netherlands has been announced by the AP news agency. The coins are composed of 39 gold coins and 70 silver coins. Nico Roymans, the archaeologist who led the study believes that the gold coin has to do with the tribes which, according to claim Euburones Julius Caesar (Roman leader at the time) had been defeated in 53 BC after the tribe conspired with another group of troops killed 6000 people of Rome.

This is a proof that the currency is gold and silver coin in use longest in the history of mankind. When the gold coin was introduced by Julius Caesar in 46 BC, was Euburones tribe from Germany have used at least in 53 BC. Maybe the other tribes in Europe was also used widely.

Now when countries in the European Union in 2008 and his meeting with president Nicolas Sarkozy to push the world back to the gold standard system. Indeed they were initiated financial system has been applied for centuries there, start time of Julius Caesar and even much earlier. If they wish came true then this kind of repetition of history, though not too similar, because the standard was not pure gold using gold as a currency, only the weighing of other currencies such as fiat money.

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