Friday, January 30, 2009

Metal Needs A Life

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Many of the metal used as materials for making various types of goods needs of the community. Ranging from cooking equipment to contruction buildings and vehicles using the metal. There are several types of metals, among others, namely iron, copper, and aluminum. In addition to metal materials are also not the metal, such as plastic and rubber. Each type of material has different characteristics.

There are several types of metal material is material which is often used in combination to make the metal to get the nature of the desired material. Baja is a blend consisting of iron, carbon and other elements. Steel can be in the form of the casting, forging and pencanaian. Carbon is the most important element because it can increase the violence and the strength of steel. Steel metal is the most widely used techniques in the field, in the form of plate, sheet, pipe, rod, profiles, and so forth. One of the steel used is steel blend (alloy steel), and produce quality materials such as A-286 Bar, A-286 Plate and 15-5PH Plate and many other quality materials.

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