Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to Maximise Your Day! Lessons From a Millionaire

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  • Write a list of your goals / things you feel you need to accomplish that day. Always leave some space to add other things that come up during the day, you never know what else may come up.
  • Prioritise your list. Start with the most important goals and work your way down. I usually write down even the most trivial thing that I need to do, that way I get to cross it off and at the end of the day - according to my list, I have accomplished a lot of different goals - which makes me feel great!
  • Be realistic with your goals and try to accurately estimate the amount of time you may need to spend on each goal.
  • Split your goals into groups. You may have a few big goals to achieve which you need to dedicate some time to and you may have a group of 5 or so, smaller goals. If you group those together then you could complete 5 different goals in a short period of time.
  • If you get stuck on one thing, just move on to another. You can always come back to it later, and that way you still get things done.
  • Set time frames for achieving your daily goals. Maybe you want to finish 3 goals by lunch time? Give yourself an incentive to motivate you to achieve them. Maybe you can go out for lunch if you finish your goals before lunch, instead of eating your vegemite sandwiches?
  • At the end of the day - move any goals that you have left on your day, and place them on tomorrow (or another appropriate day).
  • Plan your day tomorrow. Write up your goals for tomorrow before you "knock off" what ever it is you are doing. This way, you can start in the morning feeling refreshed and focused on achieving your day. This way you also start your subconscious thinking about possible solutions to any challenges that may arise.

  • You don't have to keep a list. I just find it really helps me achieve things everyday. Some people use a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), a calendar, a diary, a notebook. I just use an A4 book with blank pages. I write the date on top of the page, and sometimes go up to 3 days in advance - usually not any more so that I always live in the "now".

    My daily A4 page is home to random notes, phone numbers, ideas and solutions, plus the occasional scribble and of course my daily goals. I hope you have something that works for you, if you don't - why not try my idea and see if you can improve your productivity?

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