Friday, December 19, 2008

The Myths Search Engine Optimization

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Meta Tags Are Enough For Expanding Business Opportunities

Many people, who want Search Engine Optimization done for their site, want their site to rank top for the keywords they have used. They do not realize that the keywords and the keyword phrases are not only supposed to appear on the title, description and keyword Meta tag, but also should appear on each page at a strategic location. If that is not done then a search engine optimizer cannot really generate the kind of response you hoped for.

SEO Is Done To Trick The Search Engine

Many people love their site so much that they do not want any changes which are visible made on it. They prefer to make changes in the invisible text (which could result in you getting banned). They ask the SEO professional to trick the search engines in to giving their site a high ranking. You must design your site and write your page in such a manner that it can be easily understandable by the search engines as well as the end users. Therefore stop thinking that Search Engine Optimization would trick the search engine and make your site appear at the top.

Modifications Done Are Only Onsite

Yes, it is true that Search Engine Optimization does modify onsite factors like Meta tags, design etc. but it also takes into consideration the other websites that link to your site. They see to it that the other sites are similar to your site in terms of theme, and are reputable and high ranking, so that your site gains credibility.

SEO Works Instant Magic

Getting your website optimized does not mean an overnight influx of traffic. Search Engine Optimization is a slow process. Currently the most popular search engine, Google, takes months before your newly created site is ranked in the first page. This is done by them on purpose; they have installed an aging delay algorithm that takes months for your site to have a top rank. To create awareness you have an option of PPC (Pay Per Click) or Pay per Impression advertising, joint ventures, paid advertisement in e-magazines (ezines) and article marketing.

As all good things are shrouded by some misconceptions so is Search Engine Optimization! Hope the above clarifications have thrown light in the right direction. Hence, the next time a SEO professional goes about doing his work, one must not interfere as they know the best about how to make a site compatible to both - the search engines and the users.

Lee Green, Success Coach and Business Mentor

Lee has over 30 years of business experience and has been online since 1994. He is an internet marketing and direct response professional and specializes in Web 2.0, Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing strategies and techniques. People consider him consistently reliable, a good and well-liked friend and trusted advisor.

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