Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tips For Making Money With Squidoo

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In only a few years, Squidoo has become one of the most popular social networking tools that internet marketers use to create websites and achieve high search engine rankings. Squidoo, much like Blogger, allows individuals to quickly set up a website on any niche that they choose. Because Squiddo provides all of the tools needed to create an attractive website, individuals don't have to worry about having the necessary web building experience or skills to create a top notch website. With just a few clicks of the mouse, they can create a very nice looking website.

Squidoo allows individuals to embed videos and use pictures and images. While the basic layout of the pages are the same, persons that use Squidoo can customize them to their liking and to advertise their products. Users can ad banners and product images.

Squidoo offers a number of different ways for internet marketers to make money. These include revenue sharing with Adsense or other sponsored ad companies. They also allow individuals to make money with affiliate programs such as Amazon to additionally monetize one's traffic.

One of the biggest benefits of Squidoo is that their lenses tend to do pretty well in the search engines. If you keep them updated and continuously add incoming links to them, you should see good results.

Squidoo pages are very easy to update. The administration panel is very easy to use and there is a help section that you can refer to if you get confused about creating or making changes to your lens.

Squidoo also has an internal community. Members can visit other member's lenses, check out the forum, make comments and communicate with each other. Individuals that who understand the inner workings of Squidoo are able to generate traffic just from the site itself. However, most people depend on non-members to visit and purchase form their lenses. They may generate traffic by using traditional internet marketing methods such as pay-per-click, article marketing, ezine advertisements, classified ads and forums. A squidoo lens can be marketed like any other website.

The only major problem with Squidoo is that you don't actually own your lenses. While you do have access to them, if the company decides to shut it down or they go out of business (highly unlikely) you would have no recourse. It is partly for this reason that many people prefer to create their own websites.

There are many benefits to marketing with Squidoo. The company allows individuals to very quickly create nice looking websites with many of the popular bells and whistles. Lenses also tend to do well in the search engines, are very easy to manipulate and update. It is for these reasons that Squidoo lenses are definitely worth adding to one's internet marketing arsenal.

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Scott Brooks is a successful internet marketer who has been working online since 2004. He has authored several popular ebooks and owns three membership sites.

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