Sunday, April 11, 2010

Privacy Policy | New Rule Google Adsense Publisher

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Privacy Policy | New Rule Google Adsense Publisher
Privacy policy under or next to a new regulation for the publisher of Google Adsense, if you do not want to get banned. Actually, this rule has long been around since 2008, only Google seems to still provide opportunities for publishernya to install. So, have you put it? Curious what kind of rules? . . .

Privacy policy under or next to an understanding of our privacy policy according to Adsense and the contents of the rules:

"and post abide by a transparent privacy policy That users see. According to this policy, publishers must notify on their users of the use of cookies and / or web beacons to collect data in the ad serving process. This change relates to advertisers' use of innovative products and features like Gadget Ads and other Offerings in the future."

So, the quote above is the purpose for which it should be submitted by publishers, or language of its lay Adsense Adsense advertiser to blog readers. Well, keep it how? Do not copy and paste the above quotation, because it is the essence of the message should be delivered. Google adsense does not set the rules how do you convey to the reader so in other words you must create your own privacy policy, within which is contained in the message above.

Purpose of making our privacy policy:

Inform the reader that adsense ads are third parties (third party) that stores cookies from readers who click these ads and data was collected. One is the ip address.

Some questions about the obligations of the installation of our privacy policy on the blog or sites that install adsense: n new regulations for the Google Adsense publisher, it did not want to get banned. Actually, this rule has long been around since 2008, only Google seems to still provide opportunities for publishernya to install. So, have you put it? Curious what kind of rules? . . .

1. Where dong pairs policynya privacy?

Could be placed in the footer or sidebar. What is important for readers to see it.

2. What are the contents of our privacy policy should I write?

You can use the link on the links below to help:
* Example 1 privacy policy
* Example 2 privacy policy
* Example 3 privacy policy

You can use the help of a new menu from blogspot is "Static Page", so you create a special page containing only privacy. Will live provide the link in the footer. But it'll just it, I will make a special post about it. Aja's already a headache. hehe. You should learn first what to write about our privacy policy via the link above link. Let's create a privacy policy prior taxable Google Adsense banned bulk.

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