Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Recognize from the Web Site and Email Scam

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So Many Online Business Opportunities offered in the internet is a scam. Means that the counterfeiter is a scam / fraud, perpetrators are often referred to by the term Scammers scammed while the victim is, so therefore we should be more careful in choosing and not easy to believe that the rewards arouse and finally we will be deceived. But I do not just sort of online business is a risky business scam can ofline so.

We hear many reports on the internet about someone Scammers victim, the scammers target these people who vulturine or lazy to do something with the hard work in the business make money or profit, they choose the people who want rich quick / make money / profit in a jiffy, without the hard work and business even while not working can. (I may be ..:)

Here we often hear and see the death of the petition in the scammers selling the business:

1. Earn money while you sleep. (perhaps in a dream mean .. hehe>>)
2. No need to work, let your money work for you. (one of the marketing technique)
3. If you are not satisfied with our product, we will return your money 200%.
4. And much more .. 

Example mask types online business in general that we often see and you must waspadai:

1. High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs). They ask you to invest a lot of money, with the promise of profit will be doubled in a very short time. This usually involves the cooperation of investment in some type of "long-term project"

2. Multi Level Marketing (MLM). Oops, no one suspected before, because not all types of business this is a scam / fraud. They are usually the company that issued a product-quality and useful products and their members get the bonus / charge if successful selling a product / service them. Note: If they do not have a product / service, and only members seeking to join, this is a scam most likely.

3. Lottery Scams (sweepstakes prize), we often find one of the sites in the Popup menu will contain "congratulations you've won the lottery and get a successful (PS3, iphone, laptop, etc.)." Usually they ask for the site, told you fill the form or credit card number with pin. If you do so is your identity has been stolen.

4. Phishing Scams. Once you do receive the email as if coming from the Bank or other online account? and ask for your login account you meverifikasi ago. When done, it's likely your login details will be recorded and sold to others.

5. Scam impersonate auction. This case may often occur in the auction sites like, many of the buyer / buyers are notified that a bid has been won, and that has not been paid in future. Therefore, sites like now provides very strict regulations in order to anticipate the crimes made by the scammers.

From some of the above example hopefully we can anticipate and select the Online Business Opportunities and minimize the possibility to become the next victim of the scam people who are not responsible.

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