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Unique Program Generate Money from Traffic Go to Blog Search Engine or Site

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Unique Program Generate Money from Traffic Go to Blog Search Engine or Site

This is one way the money from the internet that another unique way the money from the internet with a system such as CPM, CPC, PPC, CPA, and many others. Is this program? This is the text taken from the site concerned about the program of the money with the Internet.

Visitors that find your site through a search engine eventually leave your site by hitting the "back" button. The question is, are you making money from this exit traffic?

ExitJunction lets you tap into your site's potential like never before!

Join the ExitJunction program and gain access to all the necessary tools needed for you to make money from your exit traffic.

ExitJunction is the only program that monetizes 100% of your traffic. That's right! You get paid even for your international traffic! Whether you have traffic from the United States, Australia, China or India, ExitJunction will pay for it all!

ExitJunction offers even more ways to earn money! Refer other publishers to the ExitJunction network and get paid 10% of their earnings for life! It's that easy!


If you are like most publishers chances are you are already using banners, contextual ads, etc. so the question becomes how do you make even more money without annoying your visitors.

The term “exit traffic” refers to site visitors that leave a website that they have visited. While not all sites can necessarily attract large numbers of new visitors that find them on existing search engines, it is inevitable that a user visiting a website eventually leaves it. Once a site visitor clicks through to a particular site that he found on a search engine, he may then leave that site for various reasons and by a number of ways. For instance, a visitor searching for something in particular may end up at a certain site that does not satisfy his search and so ends up leaving this site by clicking on the "back" button.

While many website owners advertise and optimize their sites for search engines, few publishers realize the potential of monetizing their site’s exit traffic that results from search engine traffic, and even fewer programs and ad companies offer solutions to help publishers create this new revenue stream.

ExitJunction offers all the necessary tools needed for the publishers to turn their search engine exit traffic into hard cash. Once a publisher joins our program and inserts the ExitJunction linking code, a new revenue stream is created for his site. Each time an online visitor searches for something on a major search engine and ends up visiting your site, a new revenue opportunity is presented to you.

Consider this example:

1. An internet user wishes to apply for a credit card that offers 0% introductory APR on transfer balances online and performs a search using the following keywords "0 APR Balance Transfer Credit Cards" on the Google search engine and your own niche content site that advises people on "0% APR Balance Transfer Credit Cards" comes up in the Google search.

2. The user then clicks on a link leading to your site and starts reading your content.

The user eventually decides to leave your site and clicks on the browser's back button.

3. The ExitJunction Script redirects the visitor that just exited your site to a custom user friendly page containing search results most related to “0 APR Balance Transfer Credit Cards,” the term he originally searched for in Google.

When your visitors click on the search results provided by the ExitJunction Script, you turn your exit traffic into pure profits and end up earning more from your site.

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