Saturday, May 2, 2009

Entrecard Money To Share Newbe

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Two days ago I received an email from the Entrecard.Com notify CashOut that link is active, no longer thought of me trying to test this new system of Entrecard with the switch in 2000 to $ 2. A day later I checked my paypal email is fully of Entrecard is $ 2.

From this experience can be concluded that Entrecard is one of the programs most easily make money from the internet, specifically the newbe or blogger who is still not ever make money from blog or site that is made, then the alternative is the most easy to follow program is why I Entrecard suggest so, because for a lot of newbe interested in the ads that promise suddenly rich with programs that paid, while the Entrecard itself free.

Some of that needs to make money fast with Entrecard for newbe.
1. Make a blog with some of the English language and content in accordance with the rules of Entrecard (Read Blog or Website Criteria approved Entrecard.Com a member).
2. List all of your blog to Entrecard Program.
3. Once received by the Entrecard widget pairs provided by Entrecard to your blog or website.
4. Downlaod Tool Bar Add-ons in the Entrecard Drop Mozila to ease to a blog or another site so easy to drop 300 per day. (Search the Blog Tips neighbors about easily drop 300 per day)
5. Cashout application in the list, there will be Paypal email you.
6. Drop do every day as much as 300 per day, if you blog a lot of credit multiply with 300. (Exchange 1000 credit equal to $ 1)
7. Enjoy the result, for the newbe is very easy and does not need to remove the capital, and even benefit other blog you will get a high amount of traffic.

What do you, especially for the Newbe, happy to try ....

This experiment is evidence Cashout Entrecard.Com with the switch from 2000 credit.

Entrecard Money To Share Newbe

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9 comments to “Entrecard Money To Share Newbe”

Rohit said...

you are right but they have some condition i think about cashout like how many paid ads you approved , how many times you drop etc. Can u show me your payment proof of entrecard. I ask you because i have 2100 ec.

Rohit said...

thanks for showing your payment proof. Can i cashout from entrecard many times because i daily drop 280 ec and it take me four days to reach to the 1000 ec .

Rohit said...

hi you have nice content here i am interested in link exchange with you. Please add my site link to your site.

blog name : Many free ways to make money online

And tell me one thing how you do this when i comment on your blog it shows a line "your commnet will be visible after approval. "

Thanks in advance

Eddie Garcia said...

I think this is great for newbies and getting some cash in their Pay Pal accounts. I will pass this on to others. I wish I had more time to drop but my time is limited. Hopefully I will be able to drop more in the near future. Thanks for the post!

Friends 4 Life!

Nightfall said...

I already sent an application for the entrecard cashout service, but up until now I'm still haven't been approved. I do not know what's the qualification for me to be approved. I'm still waiting to cash out my almost 25000 credits.

Admin Blog said...


Do you know that my new cashout application is approved after 1 month, and I had a friend that there are up to now has not been approved, but that may be all that will be approved, just waiting to turn only. For you who want to switch credit I expect first try with a small amount of credit ... Spirit of Nightfall.

Femmepower said...

i have thousands of ec credits but i haven't encashed them yet.glad you got approved.i'll send my application maybe in the next few days coz i'm waiting for it to reach $20 while retaining a decent amount of credits still in my account.

Blogging Resources said...

Another satisfied EntreCard user, huh.
That make the two of us :D

- said...

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