Sunday, August 2, 2009

Promote incentive Perfect Money

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At the time this article is to give me something that I may be known about a new payment system (perhaps this is now not new anymore) but I personally still incentive to spread the payment system and offer this is PerfectMoney.Com, although still not a lot of advertising programs, Program affiliate stores and online using this payment system, but we can now see how the new Paypal when many are still leery, and now finally widely used in the transaction on the Internet today.

But the interesting thing here online payment system is almost the same but with the Paypal system which is used together with the Bank with the convenience and variety of flowers when we save money and have the funds therein for more information see the article here.

This is a very special payments from the other we can make money with the register and install the logo of Perfect Money in this site or our blog, for more protracted can read it here.

And below I show a screen shot of Perfect Money payment with your site or blog I have a PageRank 3:

Quick list of Perfect Money Program Paid to Put Logo stopped (hopefully not at the stop) and without any verification and to sign up for free.

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