Sunday, June 28, 2009

Paid to Put Logo From PecfectMoney.Com

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I have read posts about PerfectMoney here? If not please read first to find out what it perfectmoney. In fact after we dug more money can get a sizable payment from the processor that this one. No half-hearted you will get a minimum of $ 20 per month with only provides space for the logo perfectmoney on your blog!

How it works and how to sign up there? Please read all this information that I take from this blog.

All my friends, I have more info on make money online for free. Hopefully there is still not yet know which, if it already knows, it again to the other.

This program is given the name of Perfect Money. This payment is in fact prosecor such as paypal, alertpay, egold etc.. slightly different from the payment Procesor is there some other program to get additional revenue with only have this account in addition to a referral program that can be followed by all the people all of the program make money online they are interested in the program I paid to put their logo, if the website or blog that have PageRank under 2 will not be accepted by them than that we have to wait in the first aprove by whether they accepted or rejected, for the payment that is also quite gede $ 10xPR/month.

For example if we have only multiplied PR2 live so $ 10x2 $ 20/month

In addition, payment prosecor this system also has a sizeable interest gede if we save money in their place, namely 7% / year there is also interest per month, but I do not how much. Similar to the main local banks, so is useless also save us in this payment Procesor

For more details join Here

If it is so teman2 member please login and go to the member area and click on the bottom of tilisan PM for Business to learn about the program they make money online, as an example the arrow image below:

And check the option "Reward to site owners with the logo of Perfect Money"
later friends will be in a form to complete, after that we can only wait and ask to receive.

Well if the money could have been, how we take our money? However, at this time there are sites that offer our exchanger to exchange money from perfectmoney to our bank account, and the most trusted and recognized as certified by perfectmoney exchange partner. Hehe congratulations to enjoy a new land of dollars:-D

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18 comments to “Paid to Put Logo From PecfectMoney.Com”

harry seenthing said...

wow is colls articles, i wanna try it

noval said...

thanks for you share..

Nadia said...

. beneran tuh???

. ne blognya org indonesia apa org luar ya...

. klo org luar ya maap de komennya pke b.indonesiaa

dhimas said...

thanks for the inform, i am so interested in making money like this program, please feel free to inform me if you find another program healthlovemoneyand family

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
rusli zainal sang visioner said...

thanks for your information about PM in my blog
but i already finished posted about it in last post :

hallaaah susah men tho ngomong bahasa linggis. mentang2 jago linggis ya mas.

Contestan of Alnect Computer Blog Contest.

download mozilla firefox 3.5 said...

nice info, thanks

ipanks said...

infonya bagus nih.makasih y

The Money Inspired said...

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thom said...

Hmm... but PM still not supported by most paid program.

Admin said...

For Thom,

Yang saya tawarkan adalah cara menghasilkan uang pari PM tersebut...

Electronic Cigarette said...

Wonderful information, thanks for sharing with us.

Rofie said...

this great bisnis information.. tks man,........

internet business information said...

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smallville online said...

Wow, this is very useful.. Thanks for sharing this and hoping I could implement it too.

free sms said...

hi, thanks for sharing. i have a PR2 site will check this out with it.

paid to socialize said...

have you hear about paid to socialize program sir?

antwa said...

keren juga nih artikel...tapi aga ga mudeng =(

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