Friday, June 26, 2009

New Payment With PerfectMoney

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Lately deal online through paypal to make very difficult and uncomfortable. Start of the cost of additional charge for a payee that is quite expensive to me, that is $ 3 plus 0.3% of total transactions (if I not wrong, what if a correction). This may not be felt for those who receive the money in large amounts, but only if the transaction about $ 1, the cost of this feels very stifling.

Therefore, I introduce a payment processor called perfectmoney .. To see the benefits of perfectmoney, please read the copy below ..

About Perfect Money

The pink of absolute perfection that crowns world e-commerce henceforth will be presented by ideal financial institution - Perfect Money which targets to bring the transactions in Internet to the ideal level.

Basis for development of Perfect Money was the experience of a group of company founders consisting of experts in banking area, group of certified lawyers, economists and team of programmers competent in e-finance industry at the basic dynamics level. Having analyzed the way passed by the humanity beginning from the first coined money to today's financial corporations in Internet, Perfect Money went further - we offered the world an ideal payment tool applicable in any place of our planet by any user.

Perfect Money analysts have carefully studied all payment systems that exist in the world today as well as all approaches to realization of cost estimating as such economic category and offered the world a new payment system which combines all the progresses and best achievements of world economists and technologists in the fields of electronic currency.

Exactly this principle was followed at creation of Perfect Money. Numerous researches have proved that we succeeded in combining of multi-level security process with the simplicity and convenience of system's use.

Once we have already looked into the future of e-commerce and saw Perfect Money there...


Absolutely anything that includes only the utmost quality of its structural parts can be named perfection. Guided by this principle we have created Perfect Money. Numerous researches have proved that we successfully achieved to combine a multi-level security process with the simplicity and convenience of system’s use.

Program toolbox of Perfect Money security system overpasses the development of all currently available modern technologies and tools for payment system crack. As a result it brings the risks of Perfect Money users to the lowest mark. But our main achievement is that we use these technologies not to the prejudice of user's convenience. Moreover, every user of our system has a right to set security settings individually.

Immediacy and speed of transactions

Bank system in its modern interpretation is too conservative and slow, and also greatly influenced by political situation in the world, which make impact on the speed of transactions performance. Management control and national security programs slacken the pace of financial transactions despite the necessity of implementation of new methods of business cooperation between contractors. And we understand the crucial importance of immediacy of transaction and, the only factor that might influence the speed of transaction processing is technical imperfection of modern communication channels and data-transmission lines.


World practice of electronic payment systems has shown that financial control over legal and physical person may be complicated by the different tasks created by the system's users. As a result, at pilot stage Perfect Money engineers aimed to offer the users the maximum functionality with minimum simplicity of payment system’s use. Perfect Money is designed to make finance control equally convenient both for complex business structures with multi-million turnovers and for private persons using e-money for micro-payments.

Support 24/7/365

Perfect Money provides financial management and customer support to ensure every user in finding of individual approach in solving of his problem 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. In Customer support center of Perfect Money work eminently qualified specialists in the field of bank activity and financial transactions in Internet. The mode of Support Center allows users to ask any question, to perform any transaction or to see the account balance in any time convenient for them.


Modern market conditions gave an impulse for creation of Perfect Money as maximum liquid system. All users of PM can easily convert their funds into other electronic currencies within the shortest terms and at reasonable rates. Established algorithm of cooperation with banks allows us to receive and to send wire transfers worldwide with the maximum possible speed and with the minimum losses for the customer.

As far as world globalization affects also finance sphere and a wide range of currency in the world economy frequently inconvenience those companies that run their business in different countries and with different currencies, Perfect Money has solved the problem by creating a convenient and universal tool for settlements among the participants of e-commerce. Our goal is to provide people with opportunity to process any transaction worldwide by using only just Perfect Money.

By establishing Perfect Money we have reached the ultimate perfection in the field of electronic finance control. But new technologies constantly set the pace to the development of electronic finance and we move in unison with them trying to be one step ahead. And once having looked into the future of e-commerce we saw Perfect Money there...

Sign up to Perfect Money - payment system of the Future!

If you want to do next, please sign up ago read all the pages the explanation ... But, I think it is still a little business with the online payment perfectmoney ..

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Adieska said...

OKE... Ane ikutan gabung via referral ente bos... Mudah2an hasilnya lumayan :D

ilmu inspirasi air said...

tx for sharing in my blog bro...
perfectmoney mantapz yup... ^_^

kunjungi ilmu inspirasi air lagi klu berkenan...

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