Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tips on Increasing Income Smowtions.Com

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Tips on Increasing Income Smowtions.ComIn the previous article in smowtion - Smowtion CPM Network, I already explained about this program smowtion. And this time I will give you a few tips how to increase income from smowtion. Actual steps that must be done for this program is almost the same as the PPC and CPM other just have a little extra you can do, what is that? can read in my review below. Tips improving swomtion smowtion:

1. Place banner ads according to the blog. according to personal experiences banner 728x90 banner is the most widely followed by the click 300x250. but you can try another banner with the appropriate size template such 468x60.

2. Increase visitor Traffik. this is very important because smowtion apply CPM where you will still get income. Even if no one clicks on a banner, you will still get income.

3. Use Popunders and should not use a filter for blog ads are still a few visitors.

4. Take advantage of the refferal link. Write a post about the same time smowtion plug your refferal link. Reff says if you follow it will gain 20% additional income, for smowtion not only benefit the parties.

5. Customize your site tag and site categories. Write as much as possible the tags associated with the blogs and customize blog category.

6. Make the target visitors (country segmentation) based on the category. 1000 income category based on the biggest impression can be seen below:

Average eCPMeCPM /dayKategori siteCountry

US$0.73US$0.39Social networkingIsrael
US$0.37US$0.10EntertainmentUnited States

And this is the month of July I, because the month of July, View Number of Visitors and on the income without clicks (especially if you use Entrecard with the number of visitors that many each day) imagine if you have a lot of blogs and the number of many visitors each day:Tips on Increasing Income Smowtions.Com
Hopefully with some tips on you can immediately increase incomes smowtion.

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(Reff through me, you will get 20% extra income)

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