Sunday, June 7, 2009

Make Website For Assets

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Here are some ways to make the website as assets.

Previously I had eaten website, meaning: I have the money to buy the website, of course, and then spend some time to setup it, looking for ideas for its content, promote it so that many visitors and so forth. Unfortunately I was too focused with matters such as details of how to make a 2 column 3 column, making my own banner, change the form of a website header, and so forth, but not because the truth then too much time I spend for this, even the more severe the website even become damaged, garbled and ugly plus! hehe ..

Other bad effects, among others, I become dizzy because the work site is less wrong, sometimes even because of it's main job-related website forgotten, which is "sell" with the website, the achievement of sales also declined, I failed, so lazy and website even more neglected anymore, the website for the crack! that's my term.

This means I have been eaten by the website. Already out of money, spend time, energy, plus dizziness also affected, and even the sale. If not buy a website and does not spend the time such sales may be the focus can be fixed, no dizziness, no money need not come out. I actually have eaten the website at that time.

Properly, the website is the assets. Asset means something is that we eat. Meanwhile, of the liability is something that is eating us.

Fortunately there is simple advice from a friend. He says, "Why be bothered pack? why not make just a simple website, you are able at this time, the essential contents ", so what my friend said that.

Finally, I use a wordpress based website, and true, installnya was enough 5 minutes. I select a template that is also lightweight, which loadingnya quickly, which does not take a server resource that is too large, such as large images.

Finally, I do now-how to make the website simple website as a source of revenue in this.

Here are some articles about make money from website, to make your website as the earlier Assets:

Business Website Hosting:

If you want to have business website hosting is the way with rent or to buy the hosting with a great while, and then divided the packages smaller. For example, you rent with a capacity of 2000Mb hosting for $ 100 per year, and you make small packages each 20Mb so you will have 100 packages. If you rent out the 100 packages before each $ 2 / year and the year you will get $ 200 cash. Because you buy $ 100 so fortunately you are $ 100 each year, with the assumption that all behavior package. This is just an example only. Business website hosting this very interesting and profitable, and lasting, if you are looking for resourceful customer, you can earn additional continuing, repeated every year or every month depending on the period of tenancy hosting your website.

You can also create a website to be a support system for your business team, a replica of the website name. Websites such as this can be used by the entire team, for online training, and so forth. In this one website, I present the business with free viral marketing system. Member at this time I have thousands of people, and the website is able to become a tool to develop business, online support system as well as training center.

And more ways to make the website as an asset. Of course.

To learn more about Internet Marketing, so you can study a lot about the money on the internet, especially using the website.

Thus some way to make your website as an asset.

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