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Ways to make money on the Internet

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First, you need some 'tools'.

Open FREE Internet banking accounts to spend and receive payment online.
Disposable FREE email addresses.
An 'always online' connection to the Internet.
A dedicated credit card for the Internet.

Ways to make money on the Internet

Second, you need some income.

AlienTrust v3.0 Manual surf 25 sites daily to earn 10% daily for 13 days ( less 4% charge ).
e-gold Ad-buy units to upgrade and advertise a page like this one. Free members can earn about $8 in a month by daily surfing and then use their earnings to upgrade.

Black Gold Surf is an autosurf program earning 12% of your $5+ stake daily for 12 days. So after 12 days you can withdraw your stake money plus 44% profit as long as you view 12 advertising pages daily that load automatically. Takes about 5 minutes a day. Deposits in e-gold in $5 increments and you need to upgrade before you surf, otherwise you have to wait till the next day. I buy upgrades every 6 days (max allowed $2,000) and so make 44% profit every 6 days. The site has been running since December 05 and has over 7,000 active members (22Feb06) growing by over 300 a day.

Vasco Investments - running since Dec05 and paying 1.8% to 3% per working day or about 45% to 86% compounded daily per month, depending on the amount deposited. Deposits start at $10 e-gold up to six figures. Withdrawals are on a daily basis and paid back into your e-gold account in minutes but usually within 12 hours. As of 22Feb06 there are 25,421 investors. proof of a test withdrawl

High Yield Investment Programs - HYIP, paying 20%+ interest after 1 to 4 days. So invest, say, $1,000 and collect $1,200 days later. Or do a 'rolling buy' and invest $250 each day for four days, repeat every fifth day and collect $50 profit each day thereafter on the same $1,000.
Minimum buy is $1 to $10 to prove to yourself it works before committing a real investment.
It is prudent to spread your money over many HYIP sites and spread the risk.

Class Act Clicks - A site run by Brian and Jessi, so will be honest and good. A great PTS ( paid to search ), PTC ( paid to click ), PTR ( paid to read ) and PTP ( paid to promote ) program and with a payout threshold of $9. Points also convert to cash which is a pleasant change. I have been paid twice by random payouts as well - that is, a payment into my PayPal account without even asking for payment! Great!

Here is a tutorial on how to make a valid search . It will take longer than the 10-40 seconds shown to finish loading three pages but if the advertiser doesn't get paid, he wont send the links in the future.

ItPaysToLearn is fun. Apart from earning from reading ' V-mails', by visiting sites and taking up offers, you have to get enough points each month answering quiz questions to get paid. You are then able to sell your points. I enjoy using this program and this is another program that really does pay. Sadly, some don't. I upgrade to gold level and so do well, but you can still earn several dollars a month as a free member.

Real-Cashs - another PTS program with a $2 minimum payout a month and paid very quickly.

Trickle income like this builds up a bank balance and gives you confidence.

Higher Payouts.

Normally I avoid very high payout programs where it sometimes takes a year to reach the minimum by which time the site may have vanished!


Aimed at UK/Euro surfers comparing prices of goods. You can buy almost anything at the best retail price and then get an added discount with Rpoints. Go to the page called 'recurring' where comparing prices with Kelkoo and others earns about 2p to 6p a click up to a max of about £1 a day. Ultra-cautious about awarding points, Rpoints take a week or more to check, then credit, your points and then a month or more to validate them before you can cash in. A good forum explains all this. But, once the ball is rolling and you're clicking every day, the cash rolls into PayPal at 100 points (£1) minimum a time and in £sterling too so you can have dollar and sterling PayPal accounts to save on exchange rates.

You WILL get paid with these programs; about $35 a month for just these PTC/PTS programs and there are dozens more to choose from. Join up, add to your favourites or put an icon on your desktop by dragging on a links page for each program and visit the sites at intervals through the day and earn a bit each time. It soon adds up.

1. Right click on the log-in page for each program and save a shortcut link to your desktop, or, Add to your Favourites in a new folder, named Daily, for instance. Much easier to remember your daily earning sites by double clicking on the icons or links.

2. Write the address and log-in details for each site in the back of your diary. It is easy to forget your user name and password and you can continue to earn money on another pc when away from home.

3. Get into the habit of regular visits. Most sites will cancel your account if you don't make use of it and any money earned will be lost.

Third, make a web site of your own and get advertisers on it.

The final group of earning programs can be placed on your own web site.
First you need a website with content interesting enough to attract visitors.
Think of a subject that you know a lot about - you, your family, your job, your hobby - whatever it is, focus on it and provide detailed information; facts, figures. Try to make your web site the definitive source of information on your chosen subject.

With a web site designed you need a domain name and a hosting service. It is like an address to the house where your web site lives. I use Easily to buy my domain names and Cirtex to host them, both companies give excellent service and support.

Promote your website using the points earned from working the autosurf, PTS, PTR and PTC you joined above in section two.

Once you have a web site with solid content you have a 'product' to sell. Many of the top programs will not accept you as an affiliate unless you have a web site of substance.

A convenient place to start is TradeDoubler . where you can join up for free to any of dozens of schemes under one 'roof' . All affiliate schemes have a minimum payout limit of around $50 so grouping schemes together as with TradeDoubler . [aimed at European web sites] and Commission Junction [aimed at North America but covering the world] means that you can get a cheque earlier.

Lots of companies would love you to join them as an affiliate and will pay you a commission when your visitors buy some of their products. It makes sense to join up with companies compatible with your site. Amazon sell a lot more than just books now and pay 5% to 7.5% commission by targeting specific books with a link from your site.

Bravenet has a lot of free goodies to add to your web site to attract more visitors and can help in setting up and hosting a web site. They also offer 50mb of free space on their servers to store your password protected back-up files and sensitive data.

The star ad payer is Google Adsense (see ads above and right). They pay for clicks and pay very well and cleverly match their ads to the content of your page and the nationality of the surfer. They are choosey about the sites that can join and demand a reasonable standard of content. Click on the button to sign up...

Slide or Glide In ads are the latest medium and build income fast from your web site. I use GlideNetwork. The small ad windows load onto your page for 15 seconds and then automatically disappear. Rates vary but they pay for CPC and CPM with a payout limit of >$5.00 to Paypal. Not affected by popup killers as yet so impressions are good.

Pop-up windows are better selling tools than banners and will pay you $3 to $4/1000 impressions depending on whether the popup is in front, behind or on exit or all three for $11/1000, the choice is yours. This is the best you will get on the net and they pay monthly without fail. Popup killer browsers will reduce your income but they have introduced a new 'layer' glide in ad when meeting a popup blocker that pays $3 cpm. A busy site will still earn more than the $25 minimum for a cheque to be sent each month.

Remember, these are all free to join; you have no outgoings (apart from HYIP's) other than your normal internet connection which you have anyway. To be perfectly frank, the only downside to these deals is that it takes up your time to organise the links, and your browser and/or web site will run a bit slower while advertising banners load.

The Internet is fast changing - please let us know if a good deal comes along or if you find a crooked deal; contact
and we will check it out and give it an unbiased opinion.

start now

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