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Paid Surveys - All You Ever Need To Know!

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by: Josh Stanton

Ok another ridiculous attempt to make money on the internet right?

Wrong! This is great way to make some instant cash easily. Let me tell you a little about 'Paid Surveys'.

What are they exactly?

They are simply this - 'Paid Surveys conducted by major companies in order to better understand what their market actually wants, which intern will save them money on future productions.'

Due to the high risk involved in producing new products, these companies are willing to pay members of the public money to participate in their surveys. The amount of money you could aquire from participating is anywhere from $25 to $150.

Now this may not seem like alot, but what if you were asked to complete 10 paid surveys at $50 each? You would make $500. Not too bad for answering a couple of questions.

How do I sign up for Paid surveys?

The best way is to sign up with an 'Paid Survey Provider'. Market Research Companies(MRC's) who conduct the surveys, pay money for the data provided(you and me). The Paid Survey Providers then take their cut after and we take ours of course. Simple as that.

How do I know which Paid Survey Provider would be best for me?

The best Paid Survey Provider to be apart of, would be one that has the most clients, which would give you more opportunities to participate in more paid surveys. Another thing you must find out, is whether or not they mostly offer cash rewards, as many paid survey sites do not and instead offer you the chance to go in the draw for a prize.
Not Recommended*

So if you want to make some money through paid surveys, always keep this in mind.

Do you have any tips that can help me make the most of this opportunity?

Make sure you check your Paid Survey Provider often because they are updated all the time and you never know when a new company may become registered with them. It's best to register early with a new company as the old saying goes, 'first in best dressed'. In other words, the earlier you register, the better the chance you will have of being invited to participate in their surveys.

Another tip is to register with companies that offer cash rewards as we talked about above. Lots of companies will give out non-cash prizes as well as allowing you the chance to go in a draw for a cash reward. Make sure you register with companies that offer you money first.

Register all of your family members for as many companies as possible. This gives you a better chance to be offered more surveys, which would mean that you can make more money in the long run.

Make sure you stay patient. There are databases that are free to sign up with, but they give you a small chance of gaining invitations to surveys. That's why I suggest signing up for a membership with a Paid Survey Provider. You will gain access to more companies providing surveys which will help you prosper more in the long run.

So is it worth it?

Of course it is! It may not make you filthy rich, but it is a fun and easy way to make a few extra bucks. I find the surveys to be enjoyable to participate in aswell as the rewards being quite a welcome bonus. It's great when I recieve a check for $50 that I can't even remember what for!

Here you'll find over 20 side-by-side comparisons of jobs and online income opportunities paying up to $300/hour, but with realistic assessments.

Online Survey Jobs

For a small fee, you gain access to a database of hundreds of research companies who will pay you for your opinions. The upfront fee can be recovered with as little as the first survey you take, although you have to be persistent.

Best Suited For
This is an opportunity for stay-at-home parents, students, entrepreneurs, retirees - anyone who needs a flexible source of extra income and enjoys using the Internet. These online surveys can typically be done no matter where in the world you live, although most of them are in English.

Online survey jobs do require effort and persistence as not all the survey companies will select every individual to participate. It's a numbers game - the more you complete, the more you can make. Many people do paid online surveys for part time extra income, while others do it full time.

Realistic Income Earning Potential
As much as $99 but more typically $5-$50 per survey depending on the company, the individual, and each type of survey or focus group. Increasingly some companies are offering prizes or points toward prizes instead of cash for online surveys.

government grantssurvey Scout

Site Comments:

No-nonsense and loaded with easy-to-find information. Easy to read and pages load quickly

Stated Earnings: Up to $150/Hour, but gives a realistic viewpoint

Popularity/Satisfaction :Very High /Very High

Additional Comments :Our top choice. SurveyScout stands out for its top customer service, excellent survey opportunities and attention to detail. Gives you a unique $25 instant survey to sign up.

Current Rating :9.8/10 Best *****

site link: surveyscout

survey income systemsurvey income system

Site Comments:

Gets right to the point, nothing flashy. Clearly spells out the opportunity in simple English.

Stated Earnings: $25 in 7 minutes

Popularity/Satisfaction :High/Moderate to High

Additional Comments :New! Higher ranking
A close second. Has rapidly become popular. Comes with free extras including:
-Get paid to drive
-Get paid to shop
-Get paid to eat out

Current Rating :9.7/10 Better ****

site link: surveyincomesystem

Paid Surveys Online

Site Comments:

Simple, clean site. Gives a good sense of the opportunity. One of the first paid survey sites but getting a little dated.

Stated Earnings: Surveys: $5-$75 Focus groups: $50-$150

Popularity/Satisfaction :

Moderate /Moderate

Additional Comments :

Provides a handy tutorial on taking online surveys and useful tools to help with the process. The overall sales leader among survey sites.

Current Rating :9.2/10 ***

site link: paidsurveysonline

Brand New Paid Survey Site!

Site Comments:

High tech looking site. Provides a sample survey but doesn't give a lot of details on the opportunity.

Stated Earnings: Surveys: $5-$75 Focus groups: $50-$150

Popularity/Satisfaction :

Moderate /Moderate

Additional Comments :

In addition to paid surveys, also includes the ability to get paid to preview movie trailers and try new products. Lower satisfaction rate than our top picks.

Current Rating :8.7/10 **

site link: expresspaidsurveys

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